Been around a bit and still active; some business and local politics; enjoy sport and stay fit despite an over-indulgence in good food and decent wine; based in Histon, close to, but not a part of, Cambridge; still angry (very angry) about Brexit.
This is my most recent photo taken in Feb 22 at the Banhof restaurant in Zermatt. Although it was bitterly cold at the top of the Gornergrat it was warm enough here to sit outside and enjoy the sun (and a beer).
Here's an update to my previous 'most recent photo'. This one was taken on the top floor of the Hotel Mediterraneo in Sant'Agnelo close to Sorrento. There's an elegant roof top bar and we were to have dinner one floor down at the Restaurant Vesuvio. It was not exactly cheap but the food, service and overall experience were first class.
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